50 of the Cute and Witty Instagram Captions for Selfies 2020

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Are you tired of looking for the best captions for selfies?

Just like me, are you hopelessly bored of clicking other people’s pictures just to get ideas of which captions they used for their selfies?

Are you thinking where some of your friends or those you follow get those great Captions and quotes for their photos and selfies? Well, you’ve just reached their main source of best captions picking.

Let me welcome you to the world of selfies captions, where you get to pick Selfies and you’re allowed to tweak any captions within this page to suit you!

Taking a great selfie is 10% of the problem, finding some witty and clever caption to add with it is the remaining 90% problem.

Providing help to resolve this issue, Techopera decided to provide you with a list of funny Instagram captions for selfies, so, Pose, Smile, and Click. Then come here and pick a caption that perfectly suits your selfie.

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Did You Know?

Celebrities in Korea use the term, “Selca” instead of selfies, the term is combined with using self and camera. It’s quite original and seems like a better option.

If you are a photography or gadget freak like me, (Of which am not sorry) then you certainly must be aware of the term “selfie”.

In fact, “SELFIE” as a word was named the International Word of the Year 2013, by Oxford Dictionaries.

Selfie means a picture an individual has taken of his/her person using a smartphone or camera.

Technology, combined with these wonderful social media sites and apps, have somewhat made it mandatory that we must capture each and every moment of our lives, and upload it on our page/profile.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and apps like Whatsapp have given us the freedom to share our pictures with millions of users.

Now, taking gorgeous photos is not the problem, but looking for a smart selfie caption to follow it, is a must. Captions make you stand out.

One of the smartest ways to reach hundreds of thousands of people on Social Media is using a great quote or caption to follow your selfie.

I personally noticed that I hit the LOVE button on an Instagram picture with a great line and caption.

So to enable you to get more love and likes on Social Media, I’ve come up with the hottest list of Instagram selfie captions.

Feel very free to pick and choose one and use it for your selfie.

Real men don't take selfies.
Girls be like no makeup selfie.
Teacher says pick a partner look at your friend like this..
Proof that kids can do selfie better than adults.
I am trendy and I know it.
Colorful weekend.
At least this balloon is attracted to me.
Cleansing the mind, body and, soul.
Oh so you are a model, who's your agency? Instagram.
It's hard finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.
All these games but you had to play me.
How to use instagram volume 1.
Just hanging out with my friends.
Wish you were here, Miss you my Boo!
Life's big question: are you really that attractive or is your selfie game just strong?
All the time in the world wouldn't be enough. Love you Mother!
You mean to tell me you don't go anywhere when we play peekaboo?
Hey Girl, feel my sweater. Know what it's made of: Boyfriend material.
We graduated from the university of selfie.
Being famous on instagram is like being rich on monopoly.
Way too blessed to be stressed.
Fresh out of the shower no makeup.
When it comes to selfie, you are either born with it or not.
I looked at my Instagram photos and realized I look beautiful.
Yolo Swag!!
Late Night Late Start.
Trying to make grumpy face.
Documenting personal hygiene.
Pretty please!

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